Sunday, February 22

Chocolate Gift, check, Shoe Gift, check, and Coffee Gift, check : Hint Hint, Great Present Ideas!!!

Our three favorite topics make the perfect gift...

Chocolate comes in any size and fits all occasions... holidays, birthdays, just because days. One of our absolute favorites, Chocolove, made in Boulder, CO, has an adorable new size, perfect for little presents.

My friend Mo will tell you her shoe size is 7, even if she is not sure who you are when you text her a pic of a fabulous shoe find. Shoes are a perfect gift: they come boxed and wrapped in tissue paper. You can always offer a present perfect for the season, to add to your giftee's shoe wardrobe.

Mo's husband, in an admirable accomplishment, built her adequate shelving for her shoe collection. Can we have a picture, Mo?

Finally, coffee is the perfect gift because you can never have enough, just like shoes and chocolate. When our friends gave us the most fabulous Christmas gift ever, it included lots of coffee, chocolate, and books. It was the perfect package to come home to after a road trip, making home feel homier again and less like a truck stop with all our suitcases and road weary selves.

It soothed our souls, knowing the house was stocked once again with fresh choices in coffee and gourmet chocolate, not to mention books picked just for us. We could curl up with a blanket, a book, and a hot cup of java, or hot chocolate from our bounty.

With the love of your life, amazing friends, bubble baths, and presents like this, what else do you need?

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  1. For the record these chocolove people do not pay us they are just that darn good everybody should know about them and the poems inside the wrapper.


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