Friday, August 12

Indoor/Outdoor Bliss & Book Giveaways!

"I’m going to suggest just a little bit more dreaming, fantasizing, visualizing, and purposeful focus on the best things in your experience, the things you’ve put in your vibrational escrow, and a little bit more ignoring of things that have a negative effect on your mood or throw you out of your vortex of creation.

We have the complete free will to be, do or have anything we want by the power of our own focus. Isn’t a little bit of delusional behavior in order?

I think so. As often as I can I’m going to ignore bad economic indicators, prescription drug commercials, rude people, neighborhood squabbles, that the dogs have begun eating the mail when it drops through the mail slot (now I know where that check went), television news, dog hair (lots of dog hair), that our wireless Internet connection suddenly won’t go beyond my office (the new Internet Café) and that some things I want haven’t manifested yet."

--By How to Allow author, Susan Shearer Young, via here.

As our book giveaways quickly approach, I wanted to share an excerpt of Susan's writing that resonated for me. Hope you enjoyed it and you click here to check out the giveaway-ends Monday at midnight EST.

xo xo,

Miss Bliss, aka Danielle :)

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  1. That driftwood table is gorgeous!

  2. Hi Danielle, I am your newest follower. I just found your blog , it is lovely. So Nice to meet another lover of the beach. I am at


  3. Love the Beachy interiors.I'm following now
    I'm having a giveaway too. Any four entrants so a good chance to win. Come on over and enter. I'm off to enter yours.

  4. Hi, Della-- agreed! Love that table.

    Hi, Linda- glad you're here-- we've been having fun :)

    Desire-- I entered ;)

  5. Hi Danielle, I hope you have a lovely weekend and love that quote! :) Great beachy pictures too of course.


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