Saturday, August 13

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"You must decide that there is a choice you can make, that is, whether you’re going to focus on your problems or solutions. That needs to be your absolute priority, knowing that your mood equals your vibration and that your mood, therefore, is everything!

You must decide that you will choose the best thoughts you’re capable of from wherever you’re standing. And, if you can’t, you’ll distract yourself with something else until you can. That is the commitment you must make to yourself if you want to move into having mostly positive things in your life....

You’ll find that as you do this more and more, you’ll just feel better, there will be more reasons to be happy, good memories will move into focus as bad memories fade, you’ll be connecting with people who are on your vibrational wavelength and people will want to help you!"

--by author of
How to Allow, Susan Shearer Young, via here

Enter to win her book here. Contest ends Monday....

pic sources: 1: via Linda (Thanks Linda) at Seaside Style
center pics: here.
final pic: here


  1. These photos are fantastic! Makes me sad that fall is right around the corner...sigh.

  2. I love those multi-coloured chairs. How cool are they?
    Coastal Style

  3. Love the photos!! I don't want summer to end:(


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