Sunday, July 31

Book Giveaway: "How to Allow", Celebrating our 200th post!

Author Susan Shearer Young

The very fitting first giveaway at our blog celebrating bliss is a new book:

Working with the Law of Attraction to Allow Your Natural Well-Being

A Simple System for Creating the Life You Want (Starting Today)

(Retail value $29.00)

Author Susan Shearer Young's book "is dedicated to inspiring you to create real life miracles through harnessing the Law of Attraction and using a simple system of daily rituals to Allow in your natural Well-Being."

Maybe you've wondered how to put "The Secret"
and law of attraction into practice.

The book will help you put your life in a whole new perspective--I have definitely discovered this myself. Once you read this book
you'll find tools to help you enjoy life and see an entirely new perspective even when those tough days and times happen.

Susan is a logical, helpful, and humorous writer. I have loved reading her book, and I plan to re-read it before returning to teach this fall and highlight what resonates--what I want to remember and apply. I'll be highlighting a lot!

She is the mother of three children,
and a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Her heart has gone into the book,
leaving a great resource for you!

To Enter: (Two lucky winners)

~visit here and check out Susan Shearer Young's blog posts.

~ Leave a comment on this post, saying what you found of interest in her blog posts.

~ One entry per person {leave contact email, and whether you prefer e-book, Kindle, or Nook}
~ Giveaway contest ends @ midnight EST, August 15, 2011.
~Winners selected through and announced Tuesday, August 16th, 2011.
~1 Winner receives coupon code provided for e-book purchase; 1 Kindle/Nook winner receives gift book for that e-reader

Best wishes and Enjoy!


  1. Interesting! I liked her 67 seconds concept! AND I tried to post on your what color should I paint the dresser post...I see it in a orange lacquer!

  2. I learnt that making things happen comes from within.

    The fish hook by the way cames from a little store in coastal country Australia. I hope to source them for my online store one day but as yet have not sorry.

  3. 68 seconds to joy is intriguing.

    a very thoughtful giveaway ~ thank you.

  4. This book sounds wonderful! I am a big believer in the law of attraction but I struggle with applying it consistently. I love how Susan lays out a road map for deliberate application. Thoughts become things... I'm thinking I'm gonna read this book!

    (p.s. - I agree with that statement that we become real people in our 30s:)I love that I get to be a real person soon!)

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I am in the process of re-creating my life. I love the suggestions you have of just how to do so. I've been learning how to change my thinking and this looks so helpful. I cannot afford to purchase your book at this time so if you have an extra laying around I would put it to good use :-) Thanks...

  7. I liked her blog post on how to deal with fear, and how to deal with it - "And then, thankfully, and here’s the good news, you can reject whatever those thoughts are as completely bogus."

    I've been through this, and this is how I handled it. So it's good to see I was doing the right thing :-) Well it did work after all.

    Would love to win this ebook for my beloved kindle :-)

    Good luck all!


  8. Would love to be part of this book giveaway!!! Thank you!

  9. Congratulations to the two winners:

    #5, Apollina

    #7, Joelyne

    We'll be in touch with details.

    The contest is closed. Thank you for entering.


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