Tuesday, July 26

Celebrating Anne at Annechovie!

First things first: enjoy an espresso!

Are you familiar with artist Anne Harwell?
If not, please meet Anne of Annechovie, pure genius and artist extraordinaire.

*Please click photos throughout this post for more information...*
She has many more examples on Flickr.

Maybe you've seen her excellent blog, Annechovie. When my husband first started this blog for us as a creative outlet, I told him,
"I'm not really into blogging."

Suddenly I saw and joined a very creative world, and one of my very first favorites, who remains one of my very favorites, is artist and blogger Anne Harwell.

Her images radiate with whimsical attention to detail, lifting your spirits
with each of her pieces of work.

She says, "I work mainly in gouache and acrylic and specialize in painting interiors, chairs and many domestic accoutrements."

I love the way she captures and depicts this chair above-- so beautiful.

Her work is calming to the eye, imparting energy and relaxation simultaneously: the orange, turquoise and pink blend here is lovely.

This rendering is so skillful and gentle--creating such a transcendent effect
with the mirror's reflection...

This fabric print and her work here just makes me smile, as well as the well-informed eyes at THE HOUSE BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE, SOUTHERN LIVING MAGAZINE, THE DOMINO MAGAZINE WEBSITE, DESIGN SPONGE, DAILY CANDY, and 1ST DIBS...as well as Hollywood: Have you seen the film,"Its Complicated"? Her work is in the film set...

This painting depicts a room I am certain many of us would enjoy!

The print and graceful touches on this settee offer creativity and serenity
with the peaceful background color.

Such an inspiring little work space depiction...

Excellent reminders, and I discovered she has this one on a mug! Perfect for my office...I also found that she has an apron available with the wonderful trifle image.

The details and overall effect here capture my attention: the half open doors, the books, the mirror, fireplace and table...again, such great attention to detail without feeling overdone--the perfect effect.

Anne Harwell's work can be found at Zazzle, as well: lovely mugs, ("It's always better to be kind than right"), stamps, and aprons (two of my favorite images: her trifle and pink espresso machine are available on aprons...)

Her father's beautiful work indicates that talent runs in the family!

Anne will work with you if you have an idea and contact her...she says:


Actually, yes, I think we all are!

Thanks for all your lovely, blissful work, Anne, and for so graciously agreeing to be
featured here, where we celebrate and pursue the bliss!

An artist who makes your heart sing like Anne makes mine?

P.S. Stay tuned for the giveaway to celebrate our 200th post--
next time is #200 and all the details!
here's a hint:

xo xo,
Miss Bliss


  1. Yes we are all familiar with this lovely talented gal! She is fabulous.

  2. I am so pleased to meet Anne Harwell. Her work is delightful. I especially LOVE the Anna Spiro chair... Thank you for the introduction.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  3. Thanks for introducing Anne and for stopping by to say "hi" to me too. :) Congrats on your 200!

  4. Hi there - I LOVE Annie's art - I'm a follower of hers and admire all she creates! Thanks for showing even more of her great pieces!

    Looking forward to the giveaway - My brother loves that book!

    Best Wishes,


  5. Hi, Simone, Pam, Jane and Linda,

    Thanks for "meeting" and celebrating Annechovie-- :)

    Happy almost Friday!

  6. I'm excited for your giveaway -- woohoo!!!!

  7. hello there!
    Thanks for stopping by Abbey Style Home and leaving such a lovely comment on making transitions. I see by reading these comments that some of my blogging friends are yours too. Love Anne's paintings...such a lighthearted spirit in perfect colors!

  8. Anne's work is just gorgeous - love them all! :) I especially love all of the fun and beautiful colors.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  9. Thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments. Anne's art is beautiful, I just love the orange, turquoise and pink blend chair, such great colors, but all of it is very unique and beautiful.

    Desert Dreaming

  10. Danielle and all~
    Thanks so much for all of the kind words and support!


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