Saturday, July 23

Repurposing: Your vote on color?

Oh the possibilities!

Our new print

This much celebrated and hard-sought vanity made its way to our dining room during some space clearing, almost onto Craigslist and out of our little beach apartment, until Mr. Wonderful said, "that would be a great sideboard."

Now it's housing some wine glasses and vino, rum, and gin atop and the drawers are great for sideboard needs.

It's begging for a repaint...I'm debating: turquoise, robin's egg blue, light green, royal blue, dark green, sunny yellow, white...? It will be a statement!

The room is painted light yellow with lots of white furniture... We aren't totally devoid of color at the moment; in the kitchen we have this recently added print from an Islamorada trip--from Lobster Trap Art near Robbie's.

I also want to repaint out kitchen chairs, possibly in the same color to unify with the vanity-turned-sidebar...or maybe I should leave it all as is and run to the beach!

No, I am ready to kick it up a notch, especially as Mr. Wonderful went into a high gear de-clutter and rearranging mode tonight :)

Your color thoughts? This post and this one are chock-full of inspirational colors.

Thanks so much!

xo xo, Miss Bliss

Stay tuned for our 200th post celebration giveaway... so close!


  1. Love your new print, the colors are so beautiful! I must say using that vanity as a sidebar is so creative. Now, I am partial to teal or turquoise, but all depending upon the other colors you have in that area, I love the pop of color. But, on the other spectrum, white would be nice as well. Can't wait to see your finished product, I'm sure it will be just beautiful.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Desert Dreaming

  2. Hi - Nice to meet a fellow South Floridian/professor!

    Thanks for visiting!

    I would go with torquoise if you want to make a statement - I think it will look lovely no matter what you repaint it to be!

    Love your blog - and it's great learning about more beachy-good places around here so I can check them out!

    Thanks so much and Best Wishes - looking forward to seeing the redo results!
    (Adding you to my blog roll!!!!)

    beachside cottage

  3. Hi...

    Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hello. If it were me, I would paint it a peacock blue and make it a statement piece!


  4. Thanks for the visit! Myself, I'm a sucker for all things turquoise (which happens to look lovely with yellow)... but all the colours you're thinking of sound like they'd work well.

  5. Hi, Joni, Linda, LeAnn, and MJ! It sounds like an overwhelming trend for turquoise at the moment! :) Thanks so much for your creative input!

    I am definitely going to go for some bling and trade out the handles!

  6. I was going to say bright yellow until I read that the walls were yellow too, so I'm jumping on the bright turquoise bandwagon!!

  7. It's nice to meet another Floridian!

    Using the vanity as a sideboard is a very creative idea. should be very creative with your color choice. I do love turquoise, but, it's almost least around here. Pick a color in your beautiful print, and go with that.
    (I'm "into" bold reds or oranges these days. But that's just me...)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. Okay, that print is so lovely and the colors really can be endless!

  9. Ooh I love that piece! I say....grey....creamy white...or pale, pale blue!!
    Have fun deciding!

  10. Haha I'd probably just run off to the beach and avoid painting it since this weather is perfect, it's such an amazing piece though! With a light yellow wall, I could really see blue popping out and it could match the new print you got! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  11. I have a robins egg blue piece that I am crazy about....would love this piece in that color.... But your vanity is so fantastic...hard to pick a color that wouldnt be great!

  12. Burnt orange or red. Thats my vote. :)
    Thanks for visiting

  13. It will look gorgeous painted! I would paint it a light turquoise/aqua. I have used a wonderful color available at Lowes - it's an Eddie Bauer color called "Weathered Sea Glass". it'd be perfect in a satin finish. xx

  14. Thanks for all these great suggestions!

    We actually have the center drawer as our foil and plastic wrap station, some silverware in the right drawer, and take-out/delivery menus on the tall left drawer! :)

  15. The vanity is a find! I'm going to have to add one to my "someday-I'll-own" list...

  16. The vanity would look wonderful painted a peacock blue. Then I scrolled through your inspiration pics and found the dresser painted in two shades of blue used as a sideboard with the ocean view. Yes, definitely peacock! I'm a new follower.

  17. OOoh! I hope you choose a bright Caribbean blue! xox!


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