Saturday, October 17

Eye Candy for Beachy Design Lovers

Well, hello there!

Hope you are having a fabulous day, lovelies. Enjoy these beachy interiors!

I love the art, the muted colors, and the chair covers!

Could you hang out in this kitchen for a while?

Aren't the white dresser and bedding and blue chair fabulous with this view?

With this bedroom, the design would be easy...

I love the hardwood combination with the soft fabrics... especially loving the vanity right now ;)

Another cute kitchen... love the height on this sink... the right height on sinks does wonders.

Before digital life, I had the hard copy of this cover ripped out and saved since I loved it so much. Everything is perfect!
What is your favorite? I'm leaning toward the blissful bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed the vanity score I just posted about :)

Here in Miami Beach we've had record highs and it is now finally cooling off to the 80s today.

I can't get enough beach, blue, green, and great design... hope you enjoyed these lovelies.
xoxo- Miss Bliss


  1. my favorite part of these houses is the woodwork - whether the trim, the floors the ceiling etc - all so gorgeous!

  2. I love that bedroom too. The wood floor is just fabulous, and all the white looks great! Hard to imagine 80 degrees when you come back from a chilli fall outing!

  3. Love the first one!! just perfect:)

  4. I love the dog painting...and all the beachy charm!

  5. Beautiful inspiration! I especially love the yellow kitchen cabinets and the kilim rug. Have a nice day! Monika

  6. i am so smitten with white, looks so refreshing~

  7. Oh what I would give to live by a warm sunny beach in one of these beautiful homes! Thanks for the lift : )
    XX Kate

  8. OMG, the view from that gorg bedroom. Can you imagine? Sigh.

  9. You've found some great spaces! I'd love to wake up to the blue view in that refreshing white bedroom, but my favourite space would have to be the first kitchen - I love the quirky eclectic charm AND that dog painting! Thanks for dropping by DesignTies today... Candice Olson is worth the visit, hey?!
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  10. Love this post and thanks for finding me! Loving your blog, too!

  11. oh it starts to get super cold here in the midwest, I'm loving the beachy rooms. Love the dog painting in the first room...and the yellow cabinet kitchen...oh, and the room with the view. can't pick a favorite!


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