Tuesday, August 2

Summer Treats: Savor the Bliss

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3. via here

Are you craving a cold treat?

The Miami August heat explains why I'm finding
snowmen appealing,
...snowmen made
of ice cream, chocolate,
and Oreo top hats!

Of course we are all creative so we can modify to our hearts' delights.

Summer will melt away as quick as Frosty...

Had to share the Nutella brownies
for all those Nutella fans out there...

What's your blissful treat this summer?

1.) "Snowmen Shooters"

2.) "Snowmen Cake pops"

3.) Peanut-butter frosted Nutella Brownies
(thanks for this find, Holly at
For the Love of Life!)

xo xo,
Miss Bliss

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  1. Those snowman shooters are the cutest!!!!!

  2. Love those snowmen! I see you are really interested in those brownies! haha , try them and you won't regret it!

  3. mmm you made me hungry :D
    check out my blog please http://bonchicbongenrej.blogspot.com/

    Juls xx

  4. Hey, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog the other day, Miss Bliss. Always lovely to find fellow book lovers and bloggers around here. My fave summer treat? A homemade strawberry shake with fresh strawberries, a scoop (or 2!) of my fave strawberry ice cream, and a little skim milk. It's the best.


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