Thursday, August 4

Finding France in Miami --and a Tropical Library

Astrid and Stephanie's creation

A La Folie, Miami Beach

A La Folie, inside

Coral Gables, FL public library

Do you have a favorite cafe? In Miami Beach we like Astrid and Stephanie's, "traditional artisan bakery and restaurant" for its authentic French menu... it's like stepping out of Miami and into France, this week we met the lovely Stephanie, "of Astrid and Stephanie," she smiled, and I savored that lovely chocolate treat.

In South Beach, A La Folie is a fabulous authentic French cafe located on Espanola Way, a great pedestrian street. You could miss it since it's at the end of the shops near the residential area, but don't--have a coffee or savory crepes with amazing fresh ingredients of your choice, wine, dessert... just a lovely cafe. I can hear the French music in my head just thinking about it.
A La Folie has wooden walls lined with magazines, whetting your reading appetite, too.

We stopped by the beautiful Coral Gables library, a veritable tropical oasis, the other night to stock up for some good summer reading. I am going to blissfully soak up each remaining summer day!

Soon to come: our trip down through the North Keys yesterday--an Islamoradan and Duck Key adventure. How are you enjoying these August days? Any must-read suggestions?

xo xo, Miss Bliss

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images: 1, ours, 2, 3, google images, 4, ours


  1. This place looks so gorgeous! Great surroundings just make anything taste better...

  2. Hi neighbor!
    I didn't realize you were right here!
    j'adore a la Folie, we'll have to meet there for un cafe soon!

  3. books and chocolate, my 2 favorite things~

  4. I could sit outside at that library all day. So pretty!

  5. Yummy chocolate! I wish I had some!

  6. What a wonderful place to sit and drink and eat .... chocolate!




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