Thursday, February 5

How do you brew?

Coffee, the Nectar of the Gods! The Supreme Bean! Our subject is the Leader of the Free Caffeine World and even most of the oppressed world. In America the Beautiful the expectation of a perfect Cup of Joe is what gets most of us out of bed in the morning. Coffee aficionados love their own bean, blend, brand, or their own secret combination of all of the above. My friends have names for their blends honoring past steam locomotives, as testaments to their driving force and strength, and you will never pry the recipe out of their dying hands. Recipes for coffee? You better believe it, and one cup of special brew and experiencing the awakening that continues for hour after hour and you will be sold on coffee fanaticism. How you brew your nectar is of great importance. Remember that Christmas coffee you were given that tasted nasty? Perhaps your pot was dirty or just plain old and scorched it worse then “Fivebucks”. I want to know how many people have a new pot, or instead use French Press or Cone filter?

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