Wednesday, February 18

Miami Day

Today I enjoyed a little of Miami Beach life. According to the pedometer I enjoyed 5491 steps of Miami Beach. How far is that? I walked on the beach where a city is being built for the SOBE Food and Wine Festival. From 10th to I'm guesssing 15th is a tent city on the beach. I never heard back from the Blog job I applied for but I've been doing well with this one anyway. I bought a $5 cigar and smoked it watching the ocean then wandered around till I found a cuban sandwich and a tall Ice Tea. Feeling good and on the way home I stopped in a bar for a mojito next door to the Clinton Hotel. There is a view of the pool area from the bar which was nice. Al in all a chill day. Coffee? I started with a "Shop-Rite" whole bean done in a cone filter and it was a perfect eye-opener.

1 comment:

  1. Miami Beach is a good place, Mr. Wonderful! Glad you had such a fun day enjoying it... xo xo


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