Wednesday, March 4

handmade, adorable, and funny bras for a cause

"lily padded"

"THE girls measure up"

"look on the bright side"

love the tropical fish!

One of my favorites--butterflies and gorgeous green

"Where the wild things are"

"Tie one on"

"Pick your boob"

"paradise island"

one of my favorite- so pretty

Thelma and Louise

"sports bra"

"fifi and mimi"

"nursing bra"

Dear Friends, aren't these bras are so amazing; I chose my favorites to share with you. Which ones do you like???

My best friend from college survived breast cancer; so they took on special meaning as I saw them. The organization behind the project is here, with the link of the display schedule:

As I viewed, them, I was reminded of funny bra stories, especially by the one called "bra from hell." I remember teaching a high school class when an underwire popped out and stuck out, at least not through, against my shirt. One girl asked, in front of the class, what is that? Oh, just your teacher's underwire, I thought... So, share your favorite art bra from above or tell us a funny bra story; humor is the best medicine!

more below:

"The bra from hell" (sadly I've had a few)

aren't the ribbons so cute ?

Sock Monkeys! Did you ever make one? A sock monkey in a pearl necklace, no less!

this one is called "one pink feather"

"Wonder woman"

"Couture bra"


  1. OMG. This is hilarious!!!! Thank you for posting this and emailing me :-) I posted about it here:



  2. wow those are all so awesome!!!!

  3. Funny bra-ish story: My first year teaching, it was cold, and my bra was not padded. A total punk student raised his hand and asked if I was cold. It took me a second to get what he meant. I taught the rest of the class with my arms crossed and have not worn an unpadded bra to teach since.

  4. Funny bra story: My freshman year of high school my water bra popped. At eight in the morning. I had to go all day with water soaked and lop-sided!
    I think that the "girls measure up" one is my favorite, but they're all so cute it's hard to pick!


  5. How funny... The watermelons are hilarious, but I think my favorite is the pink one.. it has feathers & greenery + purple flowers (I don't see a name?

  6. Cee-that one is called "Still in Bloom." I love the watermelons, too. :)

  7. Heather- that is so funny about the water bra!!! I remember seeing those--- it is amazing what we go through!

  8. Wow! These are amazing and so creative. Thanks so much for your comment and visit today. Have a great weekend!


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