Tuesday, March 3

beach bliss-- a March South Beach at sunset

Yesterday we took our short walk down to the beach... everytime we cross over the sand dunes and get the water view, I get chills. It is so beautiful, and I am so happy to be living a 2 block walk.

I spent some time picking up sea shells, lost in the simple bliss of color: pink, purple, coral.

The ocean was like a blanket of peace, the movement just a lullaby for us before we went home.

Have a blissful day! Here are some breezes for you in case you are too far away; and, by the way, I am getting envious of the snow days I'm hearing about... watching snow fall with a cup of hot chocolate sounds blissful.

Does anyone want to trade for a weekend? What blissful weather do you have to trade????


  1. HAHAHAHA!! No blissful weather here to speak of, but we'll trade you!!! LOL --

    We live in Eastern NC -- about 45 minutes from the OBX :)

  2. I have been craving a little snow with so much snow talk, of course, I mean snow while I am inside and do not have to battle ice driving!


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