Saturday, March 7

Rambling on at 5:56

I love my coffee and the caffeine that it brings, the sleep it denies and the thoughts that devise when my hearts all flutter from the jolt it delivers. I sit hear and think of all the memories made when me and my friends were on such a drug. What had to get done, Yes, it always got done, when thick in our veins pumped the black drug it contains. We did our reports and the plays and the concerts; for days and for weeks and all that we needed was coffee not sleep, for with coffee we worked, and the sleep we denied, till weeks end on end we collapsed and slept in. The coffee we chose was as varied as clothes, with all of the options, and whatever we chose to beat back the cold, and pressed on with our loads and with caffeine we were guided, and insanity sided till one Tuesday night with cappuccino in hand, our lives were all chided, and reality collided and now spun off in sections, all over this land, we learned from inspections what life was about, within our own souls and we made our decisions as to what we would think over Midnight Express and over French press our own direction we went making our minds as we went, who had brought this derision in our life in our lives. I think of this Java and the comfort it brought, and now later in life I'm glad to of had it, for now in my life, it is pleasure it brings for now I'm not spinning around, doing others great things.

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