Friday, April 17

A (Baker's) Dozen: Pink Picks for Summer!

Above, are these Donald Pliners not the most luscious and fabulous?

Below, These are... Uggs ?.. not your usual association, right?

Cole Haan London T-strap

Taryn Rose Braque--almost ballet-slipper like...

Diba-- I like the flower and the thong design

Taryn Rose--I love how the straps go over the edges

Michael Kors, I love you! I haven't been into cork at all, but these shoes could convert me...

Kate Spade delivers the bow....

Franco Sartos always make me happy...

Marc Jacobs... like the two tone, the bow, the cut-out detail... I think these are really precious...
Matisse--- so cute for a summer night... how great would these be with a maxi dress?

Steve Madden-- high energy on the gladiator take...
Type Z "Paradise" loving the Pucci style print and beaded front combo...

Which ones are your favorites? Do you need some pink therapy? I'm thinking I need the Donald Pliner, the Michael Kors, and the Taryn Rose sandals. That's all. Really. That will work perfectly.


  1. Thank you for visiting my little world! I blog to make new have human connection.
    Soooo, here we go:
    1. The Cole haan London, because I am THAT sassy.
    2. Donald Pliners for dancing.
    3. The UGGS so I could 6' tall.
    4. Marc Jacobs because they remind me of my toe shoes from my ballet years.

    This was fun! I must come back and visit again.
    **blows kisses** Deborah

  2. I think the michael kors and the diba....uggs are cuties too! Have to say, if I were going to buy a pair I'd be most likely to buy the dIba pair. thanks. love 'em!

  3. Sass is good! Bring it on... and there is just something about those Dibas, isn't there...

  4. Can I have every one of them, please? I love them!

  5. wow the marc jacob shoes are mind blowingly beautiful (a bow on the ankle? why not). not sure i've seen anything like them.

  6. Too Ca-ute!!! :D

  7. cute! I love the diba flippy floppies...and the taryn!


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