Sunday, April 5

Starry Beach: Savoring Bliss

One of the best moments of my life to date:
Mr. Wonderful and I walk to the beach, a few blocks from home, and watch the moon rise over the turquoise water. We are snuggling on the sand, coating ourselves with it, and not worrying about getting all sandy....

The ocean water lulls us into total relaxation, we listen to the waves and hold each other. The lights on Ocean Drive come on, and the moon light shines on our skin and the sea. We just stay there, not rushing, just listening to water, feeling the breezes, just breathing... and the stars come out...

Just one moment of our lovely life. We marveled over how people buy cds to hear the ocean, and we just walk there, soaking it all in. We stopped for a glass of red wine and an "Almond Joy" on the way home at the Blue Moon...why not... life is meant to be savored one drop at a time...

How do you savor life?

xo xo,
Miss Bliss


  1. I will miss that... It is so hard to live anywhere else after you lived in South FL :)

  2. The beach is my safe haven...I love it, I savor it. I just wish I didn't live so far away from one! Great post!

  3. It is amazing...I get up before sunrise and walk/run with a friend on the beach...minutes from our house. It is such a gift....sounds like you truyl GET it! Enjoy each minute...

  4. oh that sounds wonderful! I savor all of the family together moments that I well as any moments at the beach that I get :)


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