Thursday, May 14

Good Friends enjoying the beach life

Hit the road: Driving to Key West on Tuesday, May 12th...
We have two friends in from the east coast, and they are taking South Beach by storm!

Today one has rented a moped from the place on 9th Street, to tour the island, and the other is looking into snorkeling down in Key Largo...

They've been hitting the beach and soaking up the sun and blue-green waters... one day they rented a convertible and did the drive from Miami down to Key West and back... and apparently had some Pirate's Punch to complete the journey.

We are using lots of sunscreen and bottled water and other beverages and the guys didn't even seem to mind my post-family wedding, post-travel jet lag-exhaustion emotional lack-of-hostess state. I *really* needed the beach and we've gotten that in... including a shooting star over the ocean one night, gorgeous pink night clouds, and watching lightning over the Bahamas while we listen to our own surf and stretch out on the cool night sand.

It is so fun to have our friends here... 24/7 party, crash at the beach pad style!!! A parade of beach towels and bathing suits dry out on the back in the beach breezes and sunshine, the kitchen has champagne mangoes, limes, bananas, apples, peanut butter cookies, starbucks icecream- and all the makings for yummy lunches and dinners. Mr. Wonderful made a pasta with spicy meatballs and mushrooms in a delicious sauce last night. I've been watering the herbs each morning... watching them tower more each day.

Mr. Wonderful misses his good buddy from up north, (the one who went with us the day we got married in Colorado and took our wedding day pictures!!!) and the buddy tells us eventually he will live wherever we are, so Colorado or Miami or wherever our adventures lead, we have a good friend for life planning to ultimately join us there...


  1. Sounds like you are having a grand time!!
    Have a fabulous day!!

    xxxxx me

  2. Oh la la! What fun!? And, I tagged you too. Xoxo-BLC


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