Saturday, June 20

Mosaic Love! Part 1...

What a cute place to rest your coffee...
(or wine!)

I am going crazy for mosaics today...even more so than usual!
Loving the beach scenes, of course!
Here's a nice tropical garden bench...

I'd like to plant some herbs in this little pot...

Just to keep the ocean motif going, and for the Deadliest Catch fans...

...and finally, a Van Gogh-esque butterfly (or maybe Klimt)

I love how mosaics remind me of all the colorful pieces of a life assembled together into something so beautiful!

Have a colorful, joy-infused life!

Click on the photos for links to sources. :)


  1. I love mosaics! My fellow blogger Meg made us a really cool bar with a mosaic top when we lived together.

  2. I've always wanted to give mosaics a shot. Looks like hard work. Maybe I'll jsu6t appreciate for now

  3. I love mosaic art - I always have... It's really common out here, and I love it. I had a whole outdoor patio set of it at one time. Wonderful. I wanted to take a class in Mosiac art once, but I never got to it. I like your description of it too - that's awesome!

  4. I love the sweet, simple, palm tree coaster...and all the blue tiles :)

  5. These are awesome..., where are they all from!?

  6. Each of the featured mosaics are so full of life :0) Made me smile

  7. That would be so great to have the source I'd like to include the one with the lighthouse in some post for the future... Thanks so much! Ah, and you have a backyard beach, but of course! That's my dream..., to step out of my house, or condo (either one is fine with me)..., and on the sand!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thought I'd check out the mosaic posts you mentioned...

    I love the abstract butterfly. My favorite mosaics are the ones that have an organic, free-flowing feel. I also love mosaics that incorporate found objects.


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