Thursday, July 23

So you make my heart dance

Are you watching this show with the other millions of viewers?

I am really excited to watch the 100th episode tonight. Ellen has been cracking me up on the judge's panel: "I can do that, too..." she tells the dancers...(just like I can do what they are doing, too, ;)

These dancers are so amazing to see when they go further than they realized they could! Magical! I am just a little bit excited that 3 of them are from South Florida!!!

Who makes your own heart dance? The energy... the joy... the inspiration...the strength...They are all amazing!!! (click for top 8 pictures!)

Have you seen the amazing pictures taken in this SYTYCD slideshow? So behind the scenes from the Black-Eyed Peas performance recently! Beautiful still shots....


  1. LOVE watching this show...drop everything to watch it! I have sooo many faves. They ALL are amazing, and fun personalities to boot!


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