Tuesday, September 15

Well, Hello There! Summer update

I've missed you! Mr. Wonderful took me on a little road trip, one that involved bubbling in-room jacuzzis, and a visit to Greenville, SC, for the first time to visit family who just moved there.

The time since I last blogged has included:

1.) hosting a niece, nephew, and friend sleepover, (in our tiny beach apartment!)...it was their FIRST slumber party. They rocked out.

2.) floating in the ocean and getting more than my fair share of sun

3.) visiting family and hanging out on the back porch in South Carolina

4.) shopping at outlets along I-95

5.) losing one of our kitties :( it was Mr. Wonderful's "baby"... only 3 1/2. He spent several nights at the vet and was diagnosed with kidney problems and wasn't going to get better.

6.) having some serious drinks after that happened...

7.) then taking the road trip, which I thought was good to get our minds off what just happened instead of being in the newly changed house...

8.) seeing my step-dad fight neuropathy, and my mom taking amazing care of him...

9.) seeing my hubby and parents have the best visit ever since it was just the four of us for the first time since we got married... every other visit has been a major life event not really allowing a quality time kind of visit...

10.) riding along I-95 and listening to Mr. Wonderful sing along with the radio to songs such as "Come From a Long Line of Lovers..."

and I will leave you with those lyrics:

I bought a beautiful diamond ring I offered it to the sweetest thing I know
And she said she would take it
We started making some wedding plans she looked at me and she took my hand
And said are you sure we can make it
I said my grand dad's still in love with my grandma
I said my dad still thinks my moms the sweetest thing he ever saw

I come from a long line of love
When the times get hard we don't give up
Forever is in my heart and in me blood

You see I come from a long line of love

Years went by and we had a son now he thinks he found someone for him
And they're planning a wedding
He called me up on the phone today just to see what I had to say to him
Did I think he was ready?
I said what his grandfather used to say to me
Its been handed down for ages it runs in our family

You come from a long line of love
When the times get hard we don't give up

Forever is in your heart and in your blood
Son you come from a long line of love
We come from a long line of love


  1. Wow, you had alot of ups and downs. Sorry to hear about all the hard stuff..... hugs! And next time you plan on floating in the ocean for too long, getting too much sun, and drinking too much... man, I'd love to join you! :)

  2. Miss Bliss was all about getting a room with a bed, little did she know of wine and berries and jacuzzis. She underestimates "the power of my sneekiness."

    - Mr W.

  3. hope you enjoyed greenville...and south carolina at that! g'ville is one of my favorite places in SC...and that doesn't just roll off of my tongue being born and raised in charleston. so sorry to hear about your step-dad, and kitty. you're in my thoughts :)

  4. wow! you've been busy...a whole lot of great things...and some crummy things too...

    some day I'd like to make it to SC...

  5. What a mix of highs and lows, friend. I'm glad you got away to relax and enjoy your time together and with family. xoxo


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