Friday, October 2

Driving through Tropical Skies

The clouds felt like being poetic that there a heart there???
Join us on a drive from Miami Beach over to Miami...we love this bridge,
and on this day the skies were full of tropical billowing clouds.

Tropical clouds engulfing a very high high rise...
like driving toward celestial spaces...
brings new meaning to "over the top" ;)

a huge blanket of clouds filling the skies

These clouds made cars and billboards look like toys :)

The clouds held center stage over the Miami skyline...
blanketing the backdrop... you can hardly
see our skyscrapers, or were they cloudscrapers that day??? ;)

Tropical clouds...what a great day for the beach!

Palms, clouds, blue skies, what a wonderful commute!

Don't worry, Mr. Wonderful was driving and I was taking the pictures.
We have a good system.
:) -Miss Bliss.
When are you coming to visit???

1 comment:

  1. i just went over labor day! loved it - this post is making me vacation-sick, missing those days! im ready to go back


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