Thursday, November 12

The adventures continue...

(where he proposed and where we lived as newlyweds)

To update you on Mr. Wonderful's adventures, he is now a member of the Atmospheric Club at the University! He is taking Spanish, History of Religion, and Evolution of Jazz. Seeing him take these courses and meet people, and enjoy the university makes me happier than I could have imagined. I wanted him to have the opportunity, and seeing my childhood sweetheart head off to his classes and thrive is one of the best things I've seen in my entire life.

He is going to attend the American Meteorological Society conference in Atlanta this January, as a student conference worker, and they will cover his hotel and other expenses. He will get to meet other fellow weather/science buffs! The conversations he will have...! I am so excited for him.

It has been quite a journey since we got married in May, our blog readers know, I convinced him to leave the corporate world and return to school to follow his passion, involving a move from Colorado to Miami to do so.

I am extremely proud of this update!!! He is taking a great group of classes in the next semester, including his second composition class, with the focus of The Big Lebowsky (!), his first meteorology class, and a communications course from our amazing communications school.

In between our semesters, we are going to Colorado. I will be trading in the December Miami weather for snow in Boulder... the adventures continue!


  1. Thank you so much for all of your sweet words!! I wish we lived closer because I've seen some great side tables- I would have scooped them up during my "hunting."

    Keep me updated on that mission!

  2. Wow, sounds like an amazing adventure. Good for you. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage.

  3. Sounds like a fun journey! Glad all is going well for you and your husband!

    P.S My husband would be jealous about the Big Lebowsky class - he loves that movie.


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