Tuesday, November 24

Men who cook for you on Thanksgiving...

Mr. Wonderful is grocery shoppping with a list and his friend, our South Beach neighbor, while I am home relaxing. They are like men on a mission.
This is his second shopping trip of the day.
Apparently, he has many things planned.
These are more reasons why he is Mr. Wonderful.
Pictures to follow!
How are your holiday plans coming???
They're back.... "Boys with Food!" he is announcing...


  1. Oh, I agree - he is wonderful!!!

  2. Tell him I'll be right over! I'll even bring my Mexican Corn! :)

    Okay, I just voted in our poll.... and you'll probably kick me out for saying this, because it sure is plain...un-sophisticated, un-grown up... but my fav choc is mnm's!!! I'm serious! :)

    And I just want to tell you again... that you have totally made my wk (and this is Thanksgiving wk, too, not just an ordinary wk!) with your sweet comments! Lately, it seems that we're both crazy and we do some feast and famine reading, but that's cool! When I see 6 comments from you in an evening, it makes me super thankful for your friendship - thank you!! :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. Wonderful!

  3. How wonderful! I'll be cooking something up, not a turkey though..., and we'll be hanging out at home and do some kitchen installing too. So..., happy Thanksgiving to both of you!!

  4. we are staying in our pjs watching movies with the furkids and then having a big turkey lunch which we ordered! happy thanksgiving ! :)

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