Monday, February 1

Best Book I've read in a while...

Just finished Dani Shapiro's new book, Devotion.

What a lovely person and a beautiful writer. I was able to meet her briefly at the Miami bookstore, Books and Books, last Monday evening, as she launched her tour of book readings to accompany the book release.

She examines big (and small) life questions in her book, it is memoir--but a unique kind of memoir: very down to earth! I am a picky reader, and this book hooked me right away...she writes about her search into her family's beliefs, her beliefs, her experiences with her young son...all with honesty and perspective.

Enjoy her you tube talk and hope you enjoy the book. It has affected me very deeply! It will make you think about enjoying the present, and the present, of our lives.

If she is coming near you, don't miss it.
Any other suggestions for good books this year?


  1. I checked out the youtube and googled the book...have ordered it from B&N...thanks for the rec...I am always looking for something good to read...I am currently reading Wordy Shipmates and like it so far....I ordered Devotion and Amen, Amen,Amen....hoping to read by the fire in February!!

  2. Seems like in the summer I'm always searching for a good book to read... (not sure why I think I'd have more time then, ha!) I'll have to remember this one!
    Been missin' ya and glad to see you're back! :) e

  3. It sounds like a good one...checking to see if amazon has it!

  4. I'm going to check her out on the youtube link. Thanks! I'm always looking for a fab read.


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