Friday, July 16

Sunrise on the first day of vacation.

Relaxing View of South Beach

At sunrise this city still sleeps.

It is about the only time this city does sleep. There were a couple runners out, them, me, and the street sweepers. Out on the beach the cleaners were coming through before the tourists got out on the beach. I stopped for my guava goodness and relaxed the rest of the day.


  1. Looks beautiful! Have a lovely vacation.

  2. Oh, it's been too long for me! I have to get back down there ASAP. Hope you're enjoying yourself!


  3. Sooooo glad to see you're back! :)
    Oh, and we JUST got back from the beach... San Diego... just yesterday. Had so much fun that we came back and my hubby started looking up housing and jobs for us out there. :)
    Love the pics! Hugs!


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