Friday, November 26

Miss Bliss's blissful ideas...

Dear friends, hope you are well. Mr. Wonderful has written the last few posts; I'm jumping in again. Pursuing bliss is a worthwhile pursuit: here are some blissful ideas for you--tried and true. xo xo -Ms. Bliss

Should you happen to be a fan of truly delicious chocolate, Whole Foods Chocolate or Caramel truffles have you covered. Enjoy and remember I warned you! They are wonderful. Apparently they now have Caramels with Sea Salt, too. I may need to take a trip to the Whole Foods in South Beach this evening.

Have you tried the Fitflop line yet? I have these sandals in black and can't seem to wear any other shoes anymore. Fortunately I live in Miami. If you are skeptical, try a pair on. They are worth it! And if you live somewhere colder, or have some cold travel plans--they have boots now!

Delicious Kahlua coffee: one of my go-to's lately!

Enjoy and pass on the bliss!


  1. Thanks for the great recommendations and hope you are feeling much better soon!

  2. Thanks, annechovie! You forget how wonderful it is to be well until you get one of these colds... Linda-- totally! you have to try them--especially now that you are blissfully bee-free. Those pictures were unbee-lievable! I watched "Bee's Life" last night-- LOL.


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