Tuesday, August 9

Global Beach-Hopping


Grab your suit and beach towel--
we're traveling some of the world's nicest beaches...

"An undisclosed location"



South Holland, Netherlands

Honolulu, Hawaii

Sand Dollar Beach, ?

Cornwall, England

(setting of Rosamunde Pilcher's international bestseller,

The Shell Seekers.)

If you missed that one,
put it on
the list...at the very top

Santa Galdana, Balearic Islands, Spain

Did you enjoy beach hopping, beach hoping ;) ?

Where's your first stop?

There's still time for an end-of-summer getaway.

What's your go-to, favorite beach?
(Luckily mine's a few blocks away--this was one of the best days there.)

Which beaches are on your dream list?

xo xo,
Miss Bliss

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  1. Why, of course, the one that's nearest!

  2. no words for how much i love these beach shots. lovely post.
    in my british virgin island years, our "go-to" beach was the closest beach to wherever we lived...first, josiah's bay, then brewer's bay- both on tortola.
    we still live near a beach...texas on the gulf of mexico. padre island national seashore is long, sweeping, miles of undeveloped coastline. a different kind of bliss than the tropics, but still wonderful. :)

  3. beach dream list: too many to mention!

  4. Lovely photos! I believe Sand Dollar Beach is near me - central coast, California, near Aptos. I moved here specifically for the beach, to be near the expansive Pacific, to reap the benefits of coastal living. It's dreamy!
    Love the "undisclosed location" photo and the Mexico one is stunning! So much beauty out there :)


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