Friday, September 9

Go See this Movie

I heard SO MUCH BUZZ about it-- therefore, didn't go when it first came out. I went last night and unexpectedly cried (and giggled) in the theater at "The Help." Saw the movie first, which I normally don't do, but I have a feeling either way is fine with this one!

So, here's my contribution: the movie is excellent. See this one in the theater... I think it's a good one for the big screen vs. at home. Take Kleenex, if you haven't seen it or already been warned. I am so glad I saw it and I think anyone would relate to this film. This one may stay with me for a while longer than I expected going in...

Have you seen it? Read the book? Any other excellent film/book recommendations?


xo xo

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  1. i saw it late, as well. loved it. laughed and cried through it. a wonderful film. now i need to read the book!

  2. I saw the movie twice. I am going to read the book in a few months.

  3. wow! I'll have to check that movie out! :)
    XXX the sydney girl


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