Wednesday, February 18

chocolate and salt for the traveling soul

Does it get any better???

If you are in Boulder, Colorado, I suggest Belvedere's chocolate for their dark chocolate with a little caramel and rock salt on top. Your life is filled with flowers and song. At least if you take it with you up into the canyon... Belvedere also has cute little chocolate frogs and even chocolate cell phones.

If you are in or near St. Augustine, FL, go to Claude's. Claude also has a masterpiece of chocolate, caramel, and salt. We gave sampler boxes from Claude's to our wedding one complained.

Further north, in Jacksonville, FL, a place called Peterbrooke's dips all sorts of amazing salty stuff into their fine sweet blend of chocolate. Dark chocolate popcorn. Chocolate dipped Pringles chips. Chocolate covered rice krispie treat bars. Little chocolate race cars and butterflies.

Yes, I could survive on three square chocolate meals per day. And I do not mean a chocolate slim fast shake. Ha!

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