Wednesday, February 18

Focusing on JOY JOY JOY

We are having so much fun in life now... it does get better and better as you get older, and finding and marrying the love of your life doesn't hurt!

This afternoon after yoga, yoga class involving me going up the wall, literally, I might add, I made us some coffee with the grinder and French press.

G. is all about the French press... I see why. I have become quite a fan, too. I do like to grind the beans longer in the grinder than he does, though. I love the whirring sound of the beans crushing and releasing all their deliciousness... I feel like the longer I grind the more of the good stuff we get in our cups. I do stop short of making coffee bean powder, however.

We snuck in some clove cigarettes on our front steps in some tropical bliss of sky and sun and palms. I put out my just sprouting herb collection for a little direct sun: basil, rosemary, dill, and chives. G. says they are giving a "sprout out." We crack ourselves up with word play.

Coffee fueled, we went to open a new high interest account in town. You gotta do what you gotta do, and I for one don't want to worry about the state of our economy 24/7. Just throw it into the best interest account and forget about it. Especially when you find the rate we found, which is supposedly nonexistent. I also don't want to worry about any friend drama. Not a chance in France!

Bring on the coffee, the chocolate, and yes, why not, how about some new shoes, too?

Till next time...........cheers.

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