Friday, February 27

simple bliss: quality vs. clearance prices

I almost bought a $25 Izod bag at Marshalls today. I was in line with it, and my shoes, which I will describe shortly. The bag was on clearance, down from the Marshall's price of 29.99.

It was a cute bag, but I realized that it was not the one I wanted. It looked like one I wanted, which was a nice soft green leather one. I couldn't justify the higher prices to myself, though, or so I thought.

In line, the epiphany struck: the bag was plastic. I could use the 25 toward a bag I really wanted, and not use it for one I didn't really want. Back on the shelf by the register.

I've been carrying the cutest black leather Perlina "barrel" shaped bag for the last few years. Still loving it. I told my hubby in line: "I've used this bag for years and only paid about 60 for it at TJMaxx. I may as well get another good one instead of one that will just get beat up and isn't what I really want."

Then we left Marshalls, with the keepers: clearance Michael Kors shoes: soft brown/tan nubuck suede platforms for 39.99. High platforms... good for the 5'4" curvy frame... and extremely comfortable! Here is a deal I congratulate myself on, as Overstock is currently "offering" these shoes for $107. and shipping.

We just watched about 3 or 4 "What Not to Wear"s earlier in the day, and I confess I've been wearing Target flip flops around a lot in Miami, and, even to work... I tell myself it's no big deal, but here is what they said on WNTW today:

(Giggles ahead!)

non-style believing girl: I like these flip flops; I only paid $3 for these flip flops
Clinton: "and they look like you paid three dollars for them..."


non-style believing girl: I am not into shoes.

Stacy: How can a woman not be into shoes? All she's got to do is try some on...

she finds adorable shoes and pays $250 a pair for a few...

Stacy and Clinton: "we have a convert!!!!!!!"

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