Thursday, February 12

husband luxuriating in salt bath

Speaking of enjoying life, and remembering what matters, here is what my lovely husband told me tonight: (about how I love *everyone*, including every cat in the alley...and he gets me so this is wonderful to me...)

"You can't solve the world's problems; that's why they are called the world's problems, they are the world's, not yours..."

I hear the water frothing, the bubbles he's mixing up; I remember on our honeymoon when he was in the jacuzzi tub in our room and pushing the tub stopper in and out like a little kid.

I am happy he is now soaking in salty water. He is the best husband in the universe.

A wise man, a wise soul, a kind man, a gentle man, a sensitive man, a truly intelligent man, and did I mention his cute buns? Or his blue eyes? Or his hugs? Or that he sings? Plays musical instruments? Knows science? Knows history? Is on the path of dreaming for once, and full time, because I asked him to?

When I told him he is Mr. Wonderful, he said, well, you're MRS. WONDERFUL...


  1. Hello, Miss Bliss
    Thank you for inviting me to contribute to your blog.
    Ummm... can you let me know who you are?


  2. One thing about inviting your wife as an author is she gets all mushy on you. Hello Sue, it is George and I sent invites to people from around the country. New author invites were based on personality, writing ability, current blogs, and also occupations and love of our 3 major subjects. If you know of someone who is interested let me know and we will get them in.


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