Friday, February 13

reclaiming joy

today my sweet husband did laundry... crisp clean sheets are one of my favorite things... the first night you sleep on them is the best... that moment of crawling in when the day is over and being covered with soft sheets to snuggle in for the night... another favorite thing is having him shake the sheets out over me to tuck me in... those seconds when the sheets hover over the air and settle over my skin... happy stuff... the little stuff is so good... a few pieces of cold dark Hershey's chocolate from the fridge tonight...

I have another birthday! Another wonderful thing to celebrate.

I've been wondering about my childhood years... do not have a lot of photos of childhood and wonder, just wonder, about who I really was back then, before the analyzing mind started, just happy as a kid before life was serious and I started working on not having it be so serious.

Step by step and moment by moment we are reclaiming joy in life.
I had no problem totally freaking out about how things "should be" easy mode to spin one's wheels in...

what if things go wrong, we ask ourselves, I say now, and what if they don't; what if we end up truly happily ever after? and this is happily ever after... each day, each moment, right now... sitting next to each other on the couch and being held and loved.

tonight I came home and he insisted I stop doing it all and join him on our new couch, and both cats were on the couch with us, completely asleep, snuggled into sleep, this is our little family now, and it is wonderful...

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