Friday, February 13

Lincoln Road

Woo Hoo !!! The shops have been shopped and the chocolate eaten. We had an ice cream sundae at Ghiradelli with chocolate chip cookies in the bottom. Hot cookies and cold melty ice cream is hard to beat. Lemon sorbet served in a lemon was great at SPRIS was a great follow up on the spinach salad with goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and portabella mushrooms. D had the buffalo mozz with tomatoes and basil. We started off with bruschetta classico and the lentil/portabella mushroom soup. We will have to go back for the wood fired pizza that looked amazing. We both had the machiattos, which were the real ones, not the massive sugar fest from the local budget breaking “mermaid” coffee shop.Saw “Confessions of a Shopaholic” which was ironically showing on the strip with all the expensive stores with huge “0% Interest for 12 months” signs plastered on the doors to get you to succumb to the plastic plague that haunts most of us. Shoes, shoes and shoes…..Aldo, Steve Madden, assorted boutiques, and all manner of shoppers paradises. Our friends Mo and Sara would have enjoyed them immensely. Hopefully they will be writing for us soon and letting us know about there shopping experiences!!! We are now inviting anyone with the passion to write to join us and our first wave of invites went out. Let me know if you are interested in joining. Time to put my feet up and chill till the next episode.

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