Sunday, February 15

Valentine's dinner

For Valentines, we went to an Indian restaurant at 530 Ocean Drive; it was called Ishq, "love."
We lucked into a table that was not right on the crowded sidewalk, but a bit off from it; we were still able to enjoy the ocean breezes and people watching as always.

G. ordered our drinks; they were special V-day versions: a Malini, a sparkling wine with candied ginger, A Shalimar, an amazing saffron infused vodka martini with almond and cream liqueurs, espresso, accented with espresson, vanilla and rose essence infusion, and a sugar and red spiced rim. It may sound a bit busy, but no, it all worked together for blissful yumminess. The candied ginger in the champagne was exquisite!

These drinks were sooo good. A martini with espresso? Who would have thought of this? Ishq did. We had two.

For appetizers, we enjoyed some coconut Naan bread with an assortment of spreads, including spicy mango chutney and pickled mango. We had the appetizer sampler: samosa, aloo chat, a cucumber and chickpea/yogurt salad; vegetable bhajia tikki, and a potato creation. Delicious!

We shared the goan snapper with tumeric dusting, in a coconut curry sauce, with a steamed basmati rice, and we ordered this plate spicy... YUM. One of the wait staff tried to give us plates to share the order, but we opted for the romantic Valentine's route of sharing our plate.

No room for dessert, but no worries, G. had picked up some Ghirardellia 60% cacao Dark squares with caramel on my birthday, Friday the 13th. Lucky for me!

The service here is the BEST we have had in SoBe, and G. says the fish is the best thing he has had in SoBe. Blissful Valentine's dinner for lovers of bliss.

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