Sunday, March 8

bliss seekers

I once read a book called Girl Seeks Bliss, and it made a lot of sense! So much non-bliss automatically falls in our laps, we have to arrange some bliss and be able to have free time for bliss to just cross our paths!

Last night my Mr. Bliss, aka the chocolateshoesandcoffee poster, (and founder!) made me some Ghiradelli Double Chocolate brownies, and kicked it up with dark chocolate M and M's on top. Yum!

For my birthday this year, he bought me a two month yoga card I requested... sadly I haven't been going as much as I should, but we are coming up on some time off, and I will be able to use it a lot more. Looking forward to the yoga happy body during our time off, and lots of beach walks, salty swims, and writing.

Hope you are having a blissful weekend!

What brings you bliss???

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