Wednesday, March 11

Bring on Spring Break!

Walking on South Beach yesterday, we found our first big wave of spring breakers.

Celebration and energy literally filled the air... the feeling of people and togetherness and fun... our usual SoBe beach crowd plus many, many visitors! The anticipation of joy was tangible in the air.

There is a certain something, a feeling of beauty among the beachgoers who have departed their usual lives for "breathing time" on the sand, blue skies, breezes and ocean water!! Everyone is united by the time off in a gorgeous location where the only objective is to Enjoy Life.

Today it felt strange to be on the nearby campus where usual activities were in place... didn't everyone know the beach is definitely where it's at... it is time for music and drinks and lovin'!

Maybe it's the fact that on a "spring break" two years ago (at age 33!) I unexpectedly fell in love and life changed that I know the feeling in the air... who knows whose paths may cross during these weeks off in the tropical air; I just felt completely attuned to all the love stories in progress around me on the beach, even if it is just the part where people begin to learn or remember all the wonderful possibilities life has to offer.
What is your best vacation bliss story?? Where is your most beautiful beach?

1 comment:

  1. OOoh spring break! I'm on spring break next week (I work at a school) but I'm not going anywhere warm and sunny. Or anywhere at all.

    I love South Beach, though! My amazing bridesmaids took me there for a bachelorette weekend in October. We had an amazing time!


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