Thursday, March 26

deciding on joy: a love story just beginning

Philly Sunday School troublemakers circa 1984!

Miss Bliss writes:

We can't control a lot in our lives, but Mr. Wonderful and I keep refocusing on the joy. Mr. W and I went to elementary school (and spent all of our childhoods together) near Philadelphia, and parted ways soon after when my parents split up.

Although we only saw each other periodically in our teens, for *some reason* he stopped off in the midwest to see me on his way to California for the Coast Guard right out of high school. (now we joke about how I should have just jumped in the car and joined him for the trip across the country...that would have saved a lot of trouble for us both for the next 17 years!)

We would not see each other again until our early 30's. When our little school had a reunion, I flew from Miami to Philly to attend. Sadly, Mr. W. was not attending since he was busy moving to Colorado.

Still, he invited me to visit in Colorado, and I accepted, never dreaming I was about to have a most wonderful reunion and be visiting my soon-to-be husband.

I flew from Miami to Denver this time of the year two years ago, and he says he knew when I crossed the street where he was waiting for me. We were married two months later, and I moved to Colorado. (the orchids on the right are his photo from our honeymoon!)

Now we are in Miami, and open to adventures, of course.

I get caught up with worrying, sometimes, and he reminds me, we aren't going to worry about any of that stuff...

We consider ourselves "two years old" in love, that is. We are embracing life, and relearning to see the world fresh... so much joy to be felt. When we first hugged, he said, "Where have you been?" I knew what he meant. We had finally come home to each other.

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  1. Oh how cute! I know that feeling- of finally coming back together- for good. It is a good feeling.

  2. Aw, what a beautiful story! I love it and hope the two of you remain so happy together for may decades to come.

  3. I like what you said about going for it and letting the universe catch up... brilliant!


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