Friday, April 24

Friday Fun!! Bon Voyage... enjoy bliss at sea!

Mr. Wonderful and I picked up a Philly childhood friend of ours, who now lives in Ohio, and her husband, at the Miami airport this morning. They are heading out to the Bahamas/Coco Cay on a Royal Caribbean ship, Majesty of the Seas, as I type!

We showed them Coral Gables, had lunch at La Provence, then saw the lovely Biltmore Hotel pool, (it is the largest hotel pool in the country...) University of Miami, and then headed to Miami Beach for a quick tour, before dropping them off at the Port of Miami to their ship!!!

It is her husband's first cruise. Bon Voyage!!
What has been your favorite vacation spot? We like recommendations!
Any vacation plans out there?


  1. Ah to be anywhere but land locked! haha

  2. How lucky they were to have you pick them up for a personalized tour! Thanks for your comment and kind post - you're terrific. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. No vacation plans for this year..., but I love to just cruise along the coast lines (east, west, south...) then stop/stay wherever we (my husband and I) feel like. We did that several times in the past.

  4. Our favorite vacation so far was to Swept Away in Negril. It was wonderful! One day I hope we make it to this spot:

    I hope you and Mr. Wonderful enjoy many fun experiences together. :)


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