Thursday, April 23

Godiva delivers again!

Dear shiny Godiva chocolate store in the Village of Merrick Park of Coral Gables, FL,

As you know, I could not resist you today. After probably a dozen times of passing you by, today your beckoning could not be ignored, the truffles called out from the shiny glass case.

And now you have Extra Dark Chocolate Truffles?? And a Key Lime truffle?

And a Bananas Foster truffle?? And a special free *peach* truffle?

What exactly are you trying to do to us? I live at a beach, you know. They were superb, of course.

Please keep it coming; you know I'll be back the next time I cannot ignore your premium chocolate calling out to be enjoyed...


  1. o.m.g. -- I'm salivating just reading about the new chocolates! PLEASE, GOD... why is chocolate so darn fattening!!??!?

    I digress.

  2. chocolate is better for you than you think!!! especially pure and dark chocolate... :)


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