Thursday, May 21

"hope has you covered" Nesting...

"Hope has you covered" found on shutter sisters, by photographer Jen Lemen.
Thanks to Jen for permission to use here!

These images are so powerful to me... I've never seen birds right out of the egg before like this. It made me think of my next youngest sister, and her children. The birds seem so ugly yet so beautiful! That's not why they make me think of family, though... ;) Somehow these bald and somewhat fuzzy baby birds immediately made me think of her... a tough "chick", yet super tender right beneath the surface. And, since her kids came along, showing more tenderness than ever... These birds and my sisters and I have/had a long way to go from that "hatching" stage, and lots of love was immediately formed at the beginning of our young lives.

Are these birds hugging??? Mr. Wonderful says, well, they are huddling together, they don't necessarily hug, but if they lean up against each other, they conserve body heat. How's that for the science answer ;)

When we fell in love, "Lean on Me" was one of the songs playing on what we think of as our magical soundtrack everywhere we went that weekend... "Lean on Me" played continuously... everywhere! The KIND Coffeehouse in Estes Park, CO, the sushi place by the Butterfly Pavilion he surprised me with going to... He actually made some jokes with me about doing the bright bits in his nest to say, join me, I am ready to nest, like birds do... when I went to visit on that fateful trip, he had Belvedere's Belgian chocolate, Lush, eucalyptus aromatherapy essential oil over the candles, Tea Tree Paul Mitchell shampoo... not to mention Harry Connick Jr. "For Once In My Life"... and the instantaneous beautiful snow fall as we drove up from Boulder to Nederland, well, you know it was all over... ;)

These little birds, my sister and niece and nephew, my Mr. Wonderful--we'll continue to lean on each other, and I hope you have wonderful people to lean on, too. Sometimes we just have to hang in there and do just that, swallow our egos, enjoy the ride and hold on to the important people in our lives....

Thanks to Jen for the beautiful and inspiring pictures!!! Check her out!!! Do you have a favorite photo or photographer??? What picture really resonates with you?


  1. Lovely,lovely photos. Spring, Mother Nature and life-affirmation at its best.

  2. Awwwwww what amazing photos!



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