Wednesday, May 20

The Oprah "What can you live without-- Challenge!"

She is giving two families: a one week challenge--focus on each other and not screens... avoid being plugged in to tech and not connecting with each other...

-cut out all technology, including her show ;)
-no eating out at all, brown bag your lunch

-no spending except one budgeted trip to grocery store

-one family project to give back

-one date night

-no working late

What on this list appeals to you? What could you live without, for a little while? Do you find yourself or others needing to cut out tech usage in order to truly focus on friends/family sometimes?

Her first family seems pretty devastated by the technology shut down so far... we'll see. I bet they are going to LOVE IT.... *update--they did!!! They even agreed to go a second week without their tech toys...


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's lovely to meet you!

  2. Hmmmm. Interesting question. I could give up anything for a week...but tech forever. No.

  3. this is so funny - i just took a week off (i was on vacation) but no cell phone, computer or tv for a week. its weird, the first day it bugged me (enough that i started to realize i had a problem haha) but after that i didnt even think of it.
    i recommend it to anyone. but getting out of town made it easier!

  4. Woah. That's nuts. I could never do it!


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