Sunday, July 5

The Bliss View--Finding Inspiration

1.) Manly Beach, Australia...(on the must-visit list
as of right now!)
*the images below are a few of my current inspiration pics... having just decided to stay one more year in our little beach apartment, I'm ready to fix it up more for our next year.
2.) my future office ;)

3.) like the blue and green marriage here, but so hesitant to attempt myself!

4.) love the picture arrangement and happy kid space!

5.) are words needed?

6.) more happy space--toys, dog, love the wall color and lamp...

7.) this is so wonderful: every bit of it... especially like the tree art...

8.) great color and tile work... ;) such European design...

9.) This room has so many happiness ingredients: light, color, balance, space, a nook for creating and daydreaming...

What do you think?
I would love your advice on our little beach apartment,
home for another year...
or a few? (sand and all) until Mr. Bliss finishes at UM
and needs us to get back to
Colorado mountains!

Thanks! -Miss Bliss

images via flickr: venetia27,(1) bungalow8, (4, 6) xjavierx, (7) hiddeninfrance (9); images via decorpad: 2,3


  1. I love them all! We must have very similar taste. And I think you could definitely do those blue, green walls in the condo!

  2. I love the blue and green together, especially when I look at that lovely photo of the pink room where you've got the blue and green in the tree pictures against that pink wall. The pink makes them play nicely together, adding a bit of warmth and playfulness, but also some sophistication. I think a turquoise and green room with a bit of pink would be pretty sexy. And white to keep it all light and airy. What a wonderful eye you have!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such great comments!

  3. Thanks, Brittany Ann and Gigi!

    I did not even realize the inspiration pic. with all the pink, and the tree art I even commented on, also had blue and green in the actual art! And I've never really considered adding pink to the palette of blue and green, although I like all three...

    Totally appreciate the insight and suggestions!

    Brittany Ann and Gigi's blogs are amazing--check them out!

  4. looks like you keep going back to the same greenish blues/peacock blue/teal colors. go to the paint store and pick some of your favorites then go for it! find some complimentary colors like green and brown and of course white....why not experiment now since you might be leaving....good luck!

  5. Please forgive me for commenting again! I just read OSH's comments, and I'm loving the idea of browns in the mix. In fact, you could use that first photo of the beach as the inspiration for the palette. All those gorgeous shades in the water accented by the white of the waves as they break, plus the tans and golds of the rocks and the sand, and even the darker green of the trees as an accent. Such a gorgeous palette. You clearly have me inspired with all your beautiful photos!

  6. Your picks are wonderful..., so airy and fresh. You could also check a recent post of mine @ A Beach Lovers Place: Small Living Looking Good that has a link to Apartment's Therapy small living contest..., I bet you could find more inspiration there (if you even need more). And if only Australia wasn't that far away!

  7. You are craving white with pops of turqoise and green...everything that is the beach. Bring home all of your gifts from the sea and make a chandelier (stringing shells and driftwood) and pieces of art. Surround yourself with photos of the sea...waves...the sand. Inhale it all...especailly if you'll be heading to the mountains soon (as is our plan...eventually. Colorado, too!)

  8. I love that office! You cannot go wrong with lots of white and touches of bright color.

  9. i absolutely love that office! We have the same taste in decor! I love how everything has a color scheme...the blue ish green color is great for the beach and the white is so fresh,clean and inspirational looking. I am a firm believer in the 'lean and mean' philosophy when it comes to rooms, and it looks like these pictures represent that! Too much in a room can cloud your mind and not allow you to mentally breathe.

  10. Awesome views.!! Lots of home decor inspirations are here. Thank you so much for sharing the pics.

  11. Love all of these. I would take that bathroom in a second!!!

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. The blues and greens are so pretty! You have good taste!


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