Saturday, July 4

A blissful space--seeking your input!

My current favorite inspiration: Image from Decorpad

We have decided to stay in our little beach place for another year, and my design dreams are coming fast and furious... and recommendations for fun finds? I need a new dining set, (very small for the beach apartment!), curtains, a platform bed, a desk, just fun beachy apartment stuff... would love to hear your ideas! :)

Since it is such a tiny space, storage is constantly a challenge.... oh, how cliche. In my opinion, we really just need the very basics here: beach gear and work/school stuff, our photos and books, our recharge/entertain space, and basic stuff to whip up some yummy meals. You would not believe how tiny our kitchen is... and so much less to clean, I say... ;)

I like simple and peaceful yet energizing; does this exist? We get sand on the floor... I come in here from the beach, and also get ready to go and be professional from here... quite the multi-purpose living space! And well, beyond all the functionalities, good homes just shelter our souls, don't they? I suppose that is what drives a lot of my (our?) fascination with decoration/organization and where we live... it is our shelter on so many levels, and we always want to improve that shelter and our lives.

Growing up, Mr. Wonderful and I were both furniture rearrangers...oh the possibilities!

Look forward to your advice...


  1. I have no ideas, because I am a horrible home decorator, but I'm jealous of your beach home! :)

  2. I am jealous of all the well organized, feng shui-d, color popping, yet calm, lovely tiny spaces.... ;)

    I guess the need for good design is really hitting my radar, just need help...

    I'm also realizing how important scale is in a little place... it all has to be in scale so it doesn't feel too crowded... and we have to be really selective...

    I need simple and low maintenance... love that we traded in a 3 bed 2 story for this!

  3. Gorgeous space! Love the paint color!


  4. You live in my dream home - a beach house! Divine!

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog of bliss!

  5. Can you show us pictures?? I like small. No, I LOVE small!

  6. We have a wall that looks so much like that... well, minus the color, but a desk with pics lined up that way...
    If you're looking to decorate, I say PAINT! We painted a blah guest room orange and I couldn't love it more! I've been on a major curtain hunt lately, too.... cute ones at World Market for cheap...
    Hmmm, let me think on this some more! :)

  7. I love whites and blues near the beach {like that bright blue in your photo...fantastic!!}

    and I think that no matter how big one's home is, that space is always an issue!


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