Wednesday, July 1

Most Fabulous Dentist Ever-- Part 2

The fabulous dentist strikes again... I had to go in today, got a same day appointment, and once again, could not believe how amazing my dentist is... really and truly the very best one on the planet.

Going to Dr. Gaines is much more than your average visit to the dentist... it is really

and truly a
deep soul healing experience.... (yes, he is that amazing.)

I am teaching the first day of a university summer class tomorrow, and had a dental problem, ugh, at a dinner party this weekend. For the last few days I was worried about having to go in and teach with a missing tooth in a prominent place.

He took care of it. He asked if I wanted to send my issue to the lab, but that wouldn't work for me today because I needed my full smile for tomorrow. (Thanks, gene lottery... need dental implants... yikes.) He stayed later today to help me take care of it so he could send me out of the office, ready to teach with a full smile tomorrow. He knew it was about much more than just a tooth. It was about confidence and making a best first professional impression and peace of mind and heart.

Instead of just a quick fix, he said, "You know what, I'm going to take care of this. I'm going to make it even better than new." He clicked into full...
Dr. Gaines-dental-miracle-working-mode and I knew life was about
to get a lot better.

He had multiple root canals going on in there today, and everyone was THANKING him as they left. People came in to the office without appointments to just thank him for what he had done recently, and left, telling the group in the office how they had such a great boss.

I was texting my husband to keep track of all the funny things he said while I was in there, one of which was that he has been moonwalking all over the place at home because of all the MJ videos. When he gave a patient a painkiller prescription, he said, "Be careful, don't let anyone else get to these, don't let your pet take them, don't let anyone break into your car, believe me, I've heard them all...when someone said his car was broken into, I had to say, well,

where is the police report?"

Earlier I heard him advising a patient, "Well tell them if they try to pull something like that, I will kick their ass..."

He and his assistant, Ilyana, have been working together for 30 years. Every time I'm there they banter and laugh like

they are having a party

while they work on you. Today she said her husband said that every time he has been in the office, he has heard them laughing back there... not one visit to the front without hearing Dr. Gaines and Ilyana laughing in the back. Today she told me that when she was pregnant and had her baby, he gave her a one year maternity leave, paid.

When he fixed things up for one patient, he told her, "You won't believe it; you are going to gain twenty years psychologically,

you will feel so much better. You just got used to the pain, and now it will be gone... you were run down because you just got used to it... You will be amazed how much better you will feel." And you could tell she already did. Patients were calling him "kid" and "sweetheart."

We need more amazing human beings like him! Do you know any truly amazing human beings? I hope so, and do tell. I like sharing the good stuff!


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  2. Oh I love this man that I've never met or laid eyes on! You are so fortunate to have a dentist like this.

    My former boss was an amazing human being and he was very influential in how I've led my life. He is a man full of integrity and the best husband and father I have ever known. I worked for him for 10 years and never once saw him loose his temper or ever say a cross word about anyone!

    Hugs to you,

  3. I can't believe it! And I thought my dentist was just fine up until now! So glad you didn't have to teach with a missing tooth :)

  4. Man do I wish I lived near this guy.

  5. Just you talking about him makes me want to go all the way down to Florida and have my teeth checked!

  6. haha! your dentist sounds awesome! the dentist we went to when we were children used to take polaroids of us and put them on this wall every time we came in and didn't have a cavity. haha!

  7. My dentist is ok, but yours sounds great!!! I have had nothing but issues with my teeth the last few months, oh how I wish I had a fab dentist like yours by me! And you have a new follower btw ;)


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