Wednesday, July 29

The Beat Goes On... at BTC

Be gentle to the earth...and yourself! Today you are seeing images from BTC Elements, with inspiring uses of skateboards, potato chip bags, bamboo, ties and glass!!! The very skateboard once used to precariously roll in traffic can now stop traffic as colorful bangles and earrings!

Your potato chip bag can hold your wine bottle; bamboo will keep your neck warm, and vintage necklaces are new again with upcycled glass, also the material for the "rock star" wine accessories. I love the tie purse... much better use than collecting dust in the back of someone's closet or filling up a landfill...have you seen the *tie skirt*? So cute!

How are you loving on our shared place of residence? Are you "upcycling"? Are you concerned about making a softer eco-footprint?

As a side note, I have been sad when I go to my beach and find empty bottles and trash all over the sand. What is up with the litterbugs visiting my neighborhood beach? Even going in the water, recently I've been greeted by a few pieces of trash floating around...and not a lot bothers me, but this...does... on multiple levels.

Honestly, I wasn't thinking about all this even a few years back, but my awareness is growing and so are my choices. Here is some food for thought, from MSNBC: "The irony is delicious: The very same moralistic movement that hatched today's organic craze has been a muse to the food industry's wasteful packaging practices."

It seems that it's about a lot more than those made-fun-of tree-huggers, or jumping on a trendy buzz-filled bandwagon...What do you think???

1 comment:

  1. finding trash and empty bottles at my local beach bothers me too! It's something I can't understand...why cant people take their garbage and recycle with them? I personally am a very eco concious person and I constantly get mocked by my family and friends for being the local 'tree hugger', but i dont consider myself that Since when did caring about the world we live in become such a bad thing?


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