Wednesday, July 29

The Fine Art of Self-Care: massage, iced mocha, cupcake,...and then the shopping began...

So, I decided to do some "Blissing" today... a random Tuesday... I was thinking about getting the oil changed, and realized that was not an important matter, but I really needed something new to wear (and my own tune-up)! So, headed to the Sunset Place, South Miami Ann Taylor Loft for some serious summer markdowns... so much cute stuff and such deals! I also used my 15% off educator discount...gotta love that. I didn't remember the code from a time I registered in this educator discount system at their site a while back, but a manager was able to put in the code since I had my faculty ID.

After this, I headed into the Barnes and Noble for a cool-down drink... it was up to 93 here today... and had to go for a cupcake with my iced mocha. While there, I spotted a great Godiva deal!!! Buy one Godiva box, get one 1/2 off!!! Great score for gifts for someone you appreciate, and by the way, this was turning into a self-appreciation afternoon. I managed to restrain myself at the Godiva on sale option...for today anyway.

There is an amazing outdoor drop-in massage guy there... I am all about body work to alleviate the "blogging" muscles in my upper back!!! ;) He hooked me up and he was so good that he even got some cracking noises out of my back... at one point when he was working on the upper brick, I mean upper back/shoulder area, I heard cracks and I actually wondered if they were coming out of me or if he was being injured and cracking his own finger bones on my upper brick, I mean back. :)

I stopped in quickly to The Gap and found some fabulous little headbands with three little rosettes! One red one was left, and after I tried on every color, I realized of course it was the cutest and that was why there was only one left... also found a great top in there... for work...of all things. (I tried to find a pic of the headband, but it's not on their site...but I did fall in love with these shoes, pictured above, there today!) Again, deals... I am so not about paying retail prices. Really, normally I am not even that big of a shopper, preferring the beach to the retail environment!

Next, Mr. Wonderful was staying late in the lab at UM tonight to finish some projects, and asked for some dinner on my way back there tonight. I picked up sushi for us at Whole Foods, and of course, checked in on the aisle I like to think of as SPA products. They have a deal right now on ALBA extra moisturizing shower cream, score, and I also picked up the Ginger Mint Aura Cacia bath foam...can't get enough of that stuff....bliss in a jar that makes bliss in your tub... :)

Before you think I was having too much fun today, keep in mind that I did teach a class in the morning, and another one this evening. I just know how to squeeze in the good stuff when necessary!!! Sometimes a little self love and appreciation is in order...or, as I am trying to practice for the rest of my life, it's always in order, sometimes you just need a little extra time and tlc just for you, just because!!! I'm coming into the home stretch on teaching these summer classes, and can't wait for a nice little break before the fall semester.

Sometimes just the little things suffice for how I show myself some love: the yummy blueberries I've been scarfing since they are in season and so delicious, and my body just really wants them right now...or the sweet strawberries Mr. W. just brought me as I was writing about berries!

How do you show yourself some love? Is it taking time to read a book? Stare at a beautiful view? Travel? Remind yourself that... ???


  1. I pamper myself with regular pedicures.

  2. sounds like a great day! I love pool time or a little shopping.

  3. sounds like you had a fantabulous day!!! Love love those shoes! I like to curl up with a good book!!!

  4. What a blissful day! When I'm in need, I take my book and go get a pedicure. Such an easy way to release stress and have pretty summer toes in the process!

  5. that sounds like a great day! actually time on the computer is kind of my 'me time' but i also find a little shopping rather theraputic:)
    mmm blueberries!

    thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Love your post.

    I too am an advocate of self-care. My book,
    You Deserve The Royal Treatment, A Woman's Guide to Living Royally is all about taking care of yourself without the guilt.

    Personally, I love to meditate out on my porch in the morning - It's free and I come back in feeling like a new woman. And of course a day at the spa works too :)

  7. I could soooo handle a day like that, after the stress I've been under! But I'm trying to think of a man's version of this... my hubby REALLY deserves a day of pampering (or manly relaxing, whatever, lol!) because he's had to deal with a super stressed wife and both kids while said wife is working nonstop. Know of anything?
    Oh, and I didn't know educators got a discount at Ann Taylor Loft, which is my current fave store! Hmm, gotta find a teacher to go shopping with me!


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