Monday, July 13


Happy New Week! I have dresses on the brain today, and in particular, printed dresses! The first ten are from Bluefly, and the remaining are... Overstock...I had no idea what possibilities they had. (and 2.95 shipping???)

I am a serious dress lover, and tend to play it safe with solids. Today I celebrate prints... I am oh-sooo-particular about prints, there are some scary ones out there, right? So, in celebration of summer's "short lease" and summery colors and prints... ENJOY.

Btw, the mannequin images reminded me of my niece, recently visiting and walking with me to the beach. When we passed some of the clothing stores on the way, she asked, in her 5 year old wisdom, "why are those fake people in the windows?"

I love the flattering design of this black and white dress...not to mention the fun print...

had to throw in a Betsey Johnson for fun!

love this fabric...

What do you think? Is it sensory overload? Do you have any favorites?
Why don't we have more beautiful prints available and less of the scary ones?


  1. Oh how fun! I love dresses too! The second to the last is my favorite, I would love to wear that to a fancy tea party...want to come?

    Have a wonderful week and thank you for all the eye candy!


  2. I think that my favorite is the greyish patterned dress about half-way through; the thin aqua belt really pops and makes it such a chic look!

  3. Those dresses are cute! I think I like the black and white one (below the one with polka dots) and the last one best. But they are all cute!

  4. Karyn-- I LOOOOVE that pink one, in fact it inspired me to put the post together... it is sooo beautiful.

    PLW-- isn't that strapless dress adorable?
    you are right--the contrast of the belt makes it.

    tootie--- that black and white one is one I'm thinking of getting for work, and I think the last one is my absolute favorite, too, in its own little category... what a great design!

    glad you girls like... :)

  5. dresses are my summer go-to! can be seen easily hanging, no shorts-drawer digging required. and no matching the top and bottom. gotta love 'em...

    and yes dirty martinis... there is nothing better. esp. bc you get an extra little snack if you ask for extra olives!

    I've had Amy and Isabelle on my shelf for a while, actually. I think I read a review a while back and picked it up. Now even more reason to make it a priority!

  6. I adore 4,7,9,10 and whatever # 2nd from the bottom -- AWESOME!!! and of course $2.95 shipping ROCKS!

  7. Big Sis would wear a dress every single day if I let her. And then jump in a mud puddle. She gets at least that first part from her mom. People around me are tired of hearing me say how much I NEED to go shopping and get a couple new dresses. They're almost willing to pay for them to make me shut up. ;)

  8. these are fun - i love the mix of colors! i like the last one especially


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