Tuesday, July 14


"Mr. Wonderful" here........

I need to step Miss Bliss' blog up a couple of notches but until I can I did a little "Summer Look" for the blog to freshen it up. I put all you faithful followers front and center of the page to celebrate all of you who make her so happy! Sometimes it is should be mentioned how we all benefit from the comments of others and the information that is passed. Recipes for chocolate concoctions to shoe sales to great beaches to mention just a couple.

I also thought it good to put the followers up front as they are really contributors and deserve recognition.

So Happy Recognition Day and for those of you who are "ghosting" the site join in and have fun!!!


  1. Happy Tuesday Miss Bliss! You got an upgrade!!!!

  2. Thank You Mr. Wonderful! Love the new look and I see my mug there...front and center!


  3. Showing love to your adoring fans...I like it!

    For some reason, Blogger crops my profile photo pic around my boobs instead of my face...

  4. like your new lighter look. I too have my amigos front and center on my blog. Miss Bliss is so lucky to have you on staff and helping with the design! :)

  5. Thanks, guys! Oh man, this was a huge surprise from Mr. Wonderful, aka Mr. Bliss, last night! Now I know how the other bloggers feel when they've been Sooooo excited about a blog redesign. I'm getting super excited about the amazing possibilities with our fun little project.

    Love from,
    The accidental blogger, aka Miss Bliss ;)

  6. btw, not sure if he mentioned, he was doing the blog surprise update from one of his favorite South Miami haunts, his "Cigar Bar," while I was teaching... how sweet is he... :)

  7. The chocolate pic of the day has my mouth watering. Just wolfed down a Peterbrooke chocolate-covered s'more, because "Mom NEEDS Chocolate" (also the title of my newest book). Hey, check out my Choc-OUT contest at www.DeboraCoty.com and win fab prizes for simply sending in photos of you scarfing your fav chocolate.

    Debora M. Coty
    Humorist, award-winning author of 11 books

  8. Awww, Mr.Wonderful is such a sweetie!! I've got to figure out this whole world of blog design. As I'm an accidental blogger, too, these things do not come easily to me. ;)
    Love the new look - great job, Mr. Bliss!


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