Thursday, July 16

Delightful Blog find: Wanderings of a Wannabe

I found this picture at a wonderful new blog, Wanderings of a Wannabe: "A recent college graduate. A sincere passion for decorating. Just Married. Always searching for clever and unique ways to decorate life on a limited budget. " I just love it: "decorate life" !

Recently I posted about signing on for another year in my teeny Miami Beach apartment, and felt a major urge to nest and redesign, edit, beautify the space, etc. While seeking inspiration, I found myself at her blog, and unable to contain my delight. It's beautiful: she is doing design, fashion, adventures, pets, beautiful and unique objects, etc.

With Ghirardelli chocolate coffee in hand, I scrolled through her blog, unable to do anything else until I saw. the. entire. thing. I finished the coffee, and poured more. And I was compelled. to. comment. all. over. the. place. (She probably wondered who this crazy person was! :) It was the 4th of July; I had a little free time and was dying for inspiration. It was the perfect find.

For example, view her April postings. Then enjoy the rest!

Thanks for the great work, Wanderings of a Wannabe!!!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! It's always nice to discover a new blog, especially one that offers clever and unique ways to decorate! I'm off now to check it out!


  2. And here I thought it was just me you left 1000 comments for today. ;)
    But seriously, it made my day - so sweet of you! And I loved her blog, thanks so much for the recommendation!

  3. What a gorgeous room! Off to check out that blog. : )

  4. SO GLAD you shared this!!! I'm hooked, on both of your blogs now!! LOL!!

  5. YOU ARE TOO SWEET!!! It is the most amazing feeling to know that someone appreciates all of my ramblings and postings. I am extremely flattered and touched to say the least.

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart :)

  6. I have great interest in interior and exterior decoration. I found picure interesting and nicely decorated too.

  7. Nice room. I was in Miami during my business trip via ECT before a year. I saw a similar interior in one of the hotels. May be it's the same designer?


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